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Monday, November 27, 2017   /   by Ryan Hill Realty Marketing

How to Start Investing in Naperville Real Estate

When you purchase real estate, you are investing in your future – either as a Naperville homeowner or entrepreneur.  And as with any business deal or life change, careful consideration of your actions is necessary before proceeding with the complexity of investing in real estate. 

The first step is in knowing exactly what your options are.  Should you rent or buy stocks?  What do you hope to gain from your purchase?

The Basics of Rentals

Perhaps your single goal is to buy a home and rent it out to tenants until the mortgage is paid off and you start earning a profit.  Ideally, you would be charging tenants enough that covers all costs associated with the property, including the mortgage, so that while you are still the homeowner, your renters are responsible for making the monthly payments.  Keeping the property, then, has its advantages to you – especially if the home increases in market value.  As far as downfalls go, findi ...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017   /   by Ryan Hill Realty Marketing

7 Tips to Hosting the Holidays in Your New Naperville Home

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s only the beginning of the holiday season if you plan on hosting any holiday parties in your new Naperville home.  Are you ready for having company, or does the thought leave you anxious and overwhelmed? 

Fortunately, if you follow these 7 simple tips, you are sure to get through each party just fine:

1.Start planning!  If you’ve not already done so, it’s not too late.  But try not to plan for more than you can handle, so you don’t get burned out or discouraged easily.  Even if you have the room or time to host lots of holiday parties during such a busy season, it’s best to pick and choose which parties are worth hosting, and which ones are worth passing on so that you can still enjoy the holidays, but without the stress.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas, decide how many people you have room to invite, and only then should you figure how much food and drink to have available.& ...

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Friday, October 21, 2016   /   by Ryan Hill Realty Marketing

Top 5 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Right Now is A Good Idea